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Your Church Matters

This web site “Your Church Matters” is sponsored by HarvestNET Ministries. HarvestNET Ministries is a 501( c ) ( 3 ) religious non profit corporation.

HarvestNet is committed to working with the local church to further the church’s ministry.

Many churches understand the need for a policies and procedures manual, yet shy away from the daunting task of assembling, customizing and implementing one. The web site “Your Church Matters” was born out of a need that many churches expressed to us in our respective fields of ministry. For a number of years we have been answering questions or requests about how churches should handle various aspects of church life. We receive these questions and requests almost daily. “Your Church Matters” was formed when we began to collaborate to assist churches in these vital areas.

Rod Wiltrout

Rod is Senior Vice President-Local Church Ministries of HarvestNET Ministries and serves as the Church Finance Specialist for the California Southern Baptist Convention, which he has done for the past 14 years. He has served in various churches as Senior Pastor and Minister of Education and Worship in Oregon, Texas and California.


Rod has taught and preached across California and has taught for national agencies in the area of finance, both personal and church. His materials have been used by both the denomination and the state agencies.


He assists pastors and paid staff with retirement issues.


He has worked with churches in budget preparation, finance team training, personal money management, IRS and state regulations and stewardship issues.


Rod is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and California State University, Stanislaus.


Rod’s goal is to help people and churches become Lifestyle Stewards of all that God has entrusted to them.


Rod and Sandy have three sons and five grandchildren

David Rutledge EA, CEP, RFC

David is President of HarvestNET Ministries and the principal in Rutledge Financial Group. He has over 30 years experience working with Individuals, Churches, Non-Profits and Corporations throughout the United States relating to finances and tax matters. He works with over 500 different groups annually, helping them with their finances.


He has been on talk radio as well as being a speaker at seminars dealing with personal and church finances at many places including Washington D.C. and Hawaii.


David has served as a stewardship consultant for a large denomination in California as well as serving on staff of several California churches as senior interim pastor and associate pastor. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes David as qualified to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.


He is an ordained minister and is a graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.


David and his wife Betty have 2 daughters and six grandchildren.

Your Church Matters